Software can bring physical objects and systems into human scales/ranges

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The universe we live in extends far beyond the confines of the narrow range that humans exist in and are adapted to. Many phenomena take place at magnitudes of space, or rates of time, or extremes of temperature, that humans cannot directly experience and that our brains did not evolve to understand. Software, and perhaps especially virtual reality, can allow us to immerse ourselves in those phenomena as though we were native to them, and let us push, pull, and smash together objects like galaxies and atoms and plasmas - play with them as though they were rocks and sticks and bones and fur and all the ordinary objects that we evolved to manipulate and make sense of. We can make Minecrafts realistic enough to give us accurate intuitions about reality.

The pages branching from this one will try to begin to describe different kinds of physical objects and environments that could benefit from better software representations, and how that software should look and function.


Software offers tools of new power and flexibility

Software offers tools of new power and flexibility